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Residential Propane Services

Whether you’re using propane to cook your favorite meal on the stove or need to keep your house nice and warm during the winter, you can always count on us to deliver. With decades of experience in southwest Ohio and the national backing of Ferrellgas, we’re here for all your propane needs.


We proudly service Montgomery, Greene, Warren and Miami Counties in southwest Ohio with additional service to portions of Preble, Butler, Darke and Clark counties. Our customers use propane in their homes for:

  • Home Heating/Furnace

  • Hot Water

  • Cooking

  • Gas Logs

  • Clothes

  • Dryer

  • Grilling

  • Generator

  • Garage/Shop heat

  • Swimming Pool Heaters

  • Ventless Space Heaters

  • Patio Heaters

  • Outdoor Lighting


Most of our home heating customers take advantage of our “Auto Fill” program. Our computer estimates your consumption and weather patterns so that we know when you need propane, and then deliver it directly to you! This relieves you of the stress of keeping track and ensures you always have an adequate supply of fuel during the winter months. We also offer a “Will Call'' option for those who prefer to schedule their own deliveries. Simply call us 7 business days in advance and we will schedule your propane delivery.


Apollo offers a number of pricing plans designed to fit your needs. Pre-buys and level-billing are examples of options we provide for maximum convenience. We can also direct qualified customers to local and state sources of financial assistance for home energy needs. Read more detail about payment options on our Pricing and Payment Plans page.


You can rest comfortably knowing Apollo has 24-hour emergency service. We are available 365 days a year to help if you should ever have a problem. We’ll be there for you when you need us.

Commercial & Industrial Propane Services

Apollo Propane provides dependable service to a wide variety of commercial and industrial users all year round. As a business, we understand how critical it is to have vendor reliability, excellent service, and the best product quality. We also know that the propane needs of a business can vary significantly for many reasons other than seasonal temperatures. Our commercial and industrial customers include churches, schools, apartment complexes, restaurants, nursing homes, roofers, asphalters, contractors, body shops, and many other types of businesses. Some of the commercial uses for propane include:

  • Commercial dryers, process heating, & heat treating

  • Hot water for offices, restaurants, boiler systems, & steam generation

  • Forklifts 

  • Generators

  • Construction heat

  • Tar Kettles/Torches

  • Floor buffers

  • Welding

  • Cooking


Many businesses utilize propane powered forklifts, especially for indoor warehouse use. These lifts operate with little pollution and do not require the long recharge periods of electric lifts. Propane forklifts are less expensive to purchase, typically have more lifting power and are more economical to run. Apollo is happy to deliver forklift cylinders to customers of all sizes, and can supply storage racks and will tailor your delivery schedule to meet the changing demands of your business. Call or message us today for a quote.

Tank Installations

Apollo Propane has been installing tanks for its customers for 50+ years. We have a deserved reputation for quality installations performed by courteous and trained professionals, and install your tank in a safe manner in compliance with all local, state and federal codes.


Simply put, we will do it right and on time. Our staff will help you choose a proper location and tank size and answer any questions you may have.



Whether you’re a construction manager responsible for building a multi-million dollar hospital addition or a drywall contractor looking to heat a small home, Apollo Propane has the experience, equipment and expertise you need for any size temporary heating job.


Apollo Propane offers a variety of additional services for the convenience of our customers:

  • Maintenance Service and Repair

  • Cylinder Refilling

  • RV filling

  • Heater, Torch and Cylinder Sales

  • Cylinder Repair


Whatever your propane needs are, we’re here for you! Contact us today for more information.

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